Day 1 Gosport to Brighton 04/06/16

After 18 months of planning and getting Tikka shipshape at long last it was time to set off. With clear skies and a gentle breeze it was perfect conditions.
At 0800, cheered off by family and friends, Harry took the helm and proudly led Kaz, Liz and I out from the Hornet Services Sailing Club. We had a new set of sails for the trip and today was to be the first time the new cruising chute was to be used. We all had experience of using a traditional tri radial spinnaker but this cruising chute with snuffer bag was new to us all. For downwind sailing a spinnaker is used with a pole and a multitude of sheets and lines. The cruising chute is much easier to use. Contained in a long narrow tube called a snuffer bag, the bag is hoisted with the chute inside. When ready to deploy the snuffer is hauled up using a pulley and line allowing the chute to fill. With no pole to use this sail will be great on downwind legs when short handed or with a novice crew.
With tide against us and light winds good sail trim and helming was essential. Kaz, Liz and Harry did a great job, even allowing me an afternoon snooze to recover from all the excitement!
As evening closed in Liz and Kaz knocked up a great evening meal. Chicken Tikka of course!
After a delicious meal Kaz negotiated the tricky little entrance to Brighton and Tikka was safely alongside by 2200.
Next stop Eastbourne.


Author: stevepointon

I'm sailing around the UK with family and friends onboard our yacht, Tikka, to raise awareness and money for " Action for Children "

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