Day 3 Eastbourne to Dover 06/06/16

We slipped our mooring and entered Eastbourne lock with one other yacht and a large fishing boat at 0600. It was low water so we dropped a considerable way bobbing around in the lock as the gates opened. It was much easier to navigate out of Eastbourne at low water and in daylight and we could see the wreck that we avoided clearly just outside of the channel.
We had a favourable tide all the way to Dover and the forecast was F4 – F5 but unfortunately Easterly again. Wind over tide made for a bumpy beat all the way. Poor Harry suffered today. He was sick and  felt a bit scared today and a 13 hour beat to Dover wasn’t helped when the wind increased to F6. Kaz suffered an injury and now has a black nail and swollen, bruised finger to nurse.
We kept clear of Llydd firing range by keeping out of the 3 mile exclusion zone, it still made us all jump though when the booms of the big guns started. It felt like we were extras in a new pirate film! Liz maintained a steady course and helmed Tikka around Dungeness with great skill and as we rounded the headland the wind eased and Tikka felt much more comfortable. Excitement continued though as we were now boarded by the UK Border Force. They were very friendly and efficient and once satisfid we were not smugglers left knowing all about Tikka’s Travels and Action for Children and were gifted with Tikka’s Travels flyers.



We arrived at the UK’s busiest port of Dover to Harry’s relief at 1910. Even though he suffered on this leg considerably he is determined to press on to help other children in our country that he has never met. Happy alongside with Pizza, his laptop charging and wifi, Kaz and I looked on with pride for a very brave son.
Tomorrow will be a well earned day off.


Author: stevepointon

I'm sailing around the UK with family and friends onboard our yacht, Tikka, to raise awareness and money for " Action for Children "

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