Day 12 Grimsby to Whitby 15/06/16

We planned an early start this morning. Call the hands was 0240 for an 0320 slip out of Grimsby. I awoke to the sound of a clattering main sail halyard against the mast, I got up semi dressed to sort it out looked at my watch and saw it was midnight. Danny stirred as I climbed on deck. “What time is it Steve?” “Midnight” I replied. As I clambered my way back to my cabin I caught a glimpse of the ship’s clock which said 0330! My watch had stopped. “Tommy! Danny!” I yelled “It’s half past 3 we’re late!”
We quickly dressed and got Tikka ready and were out of the lock by 0400, we were on our way.


With no wind to sail this was a long day motoring through thick fog. A good chance to get to grips with AIS. AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a relatively new system that integrates with the chartplotter. It gives the location of ships, their speed, bearing and warns of any collision course. I’m so glad we invested in this.
We arrived in Whitby harbour at 2130 a couple of hours after low water. Navigating the narrow entrance was tricky with thick fog and not much water under the keel but once safely inside what a beautiful place this is.



Author: stevepointon

I'm sailing around the UK with family and friends onboard our yacht, Tikka, to raise awareness and money for " Action for Children "

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