Day 17 Back to sea and onward to Northumberland 20/06/16

It was with mixed emotions that we left Hartlepool. Part of me was sad to leave, we had a great reception from Sam and her family and friends and locals in the marina and town were very friendly and interested in our challenge too.  One little girl, Chloe and her grandparents, who were berthed next to us were particularly helpful. Chloe’s grandad loaned me a pilot book to help us in North East Scotland and Chloe was a star along with Sam’s nephew, Adam helping us raise awareness and money for Action for Children.


It was time to push on North now though to spread the word, Martin was peddling hard to meet us in Amble and we had a good South Westerly wind. So by 0430 we were heading out of the lock to sea again.
It was a great days sailing today accompanied at times with dolphins, seals and an increasing number of sea birds, in particular the cute little puffins (I failed to get a decent picture but will keep trying). The wind was challenging too, sometimes dropping to nothing and within a short space of time gusting up to a force 6. This kept us busy with the sails.


50 miles and 12 hours later we arrived, greeted by Martin and the marina staff in Amble, Northumberland. By 1800 we had a boat full of local children and a reporter with a long list of questions.


We headed into town armed with Action for Children flyers and it seemed everyone was in the Schooner Inn watching England play Slovakia.
After the game we got chatting to a young Scotish gentleman, Ewan. He was very interested in our story and  strongly believed in what we are trying to do. Ewan took one of our flyers and promised to spread the word.
Martin was grateful to be sleeping onboard tonight and we could all have a lie in tomorrow as we don’t need to leave until 0600.


Author: stevepointon

I'm sailing around the UK with family and friends onboard our yacht, Tikka, to raise awareness and money for " Action for Children "

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