Day 21 Peterhead to Wick 24/06/16

Today we were due to cross the Moray Firth. I have read about this area and heard about sightings  of dolphins and whales here.


We set off again in fog but once out of Peterhead we had clear blue skies and a South Westerly wind. Excited by the prospect of sailing in company of such majestic creatures morale was high. We did have a sighting of a whale in the afternoon but the dolphins chose not to play with Tikka today. It feels good knowing they are free to choose though and sightings in this area are common. Today they were busy elsewhere.
Early this evening the fog drew in again and the trusty fog horn was deployed once more. The temperature has been dropping as we travel further North so with John being well over 6 feet tall he used his height to advantage by standing in the saloon with his head out of the hatch keeping lookout.
Visibility was less than 50m as we inched our way to Wick harbour. I’m so glad we have a comprehensive set of charts, chartplotter and AIS.


Once safely inside the harbour we were met by John, the most friendly and helpful harbour master I have met. He guided us to our birth, gave us a detailed brief of the facilities in town and offered to give John and Louise a lift to the station the following morning.
I like Wick and their harbour master is a star.


Author: stevepointon

I'm sailing around the UK with family and friends onboard our yacht, Tikka, to raise awareness and money for " Action for Children "

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